Trendy Things You Can Do for Your Home This Summer

This summer will have many people rediscovering their need for home improvements now that the economy is improving. While some tax benefits have ended for buying homes there is always a place for writing off the interest on home improvement loans and benefits to improving the value of your home and making it more to your liking. The tax credit for consumer energy efficiency runs out in December so take advantage of that now. Here’s what many people will be doing this summer and what you can expect to find in home improvement stores this spring.


The movement to be green, as in better for the environment and not the color, has certainly gained popularity in all segments of contemporary American society. Whether you insulate your house or simply replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent ones, green is certainly a way to go.

Green doesn’t just mean doing things with energy. It can also mean buying locally grown produce for your kitchen, making woodworking projects out of scrap wood, or buying furniture that has been made from some recycled materials.


Energy costs have been a huge topic over the past two years when gas prices soared and we realized our dependence upon foreign sources of energy. This year the focus has been squarely on the electrical grid and spewing carbon into the air with coal.

To reduce your own costs on energy this summer is perfect to insulate your house, seal the cracks in your windows, and get an energy evaluation. Even something as simple as an electronic thermostat can help reduce your cooling costs this summer.


Making space is always a priority in your home, from the basement to the attic. Do some space saving measures this year by doing two simple things. First, have a summer garage sale. Weekends in June are nice in that there may not be as much rain and it’s not unbearably hot yet.

The second thing to do is evaluate your closets. What can be done to make things smaller so you have more space? Whether you get fancy space bags or hangers that fold down and save room, getting your space in shape for summer can be a small project with big dividends.


Instead of getting an entirely new furniture regimen for your living room go with a few accents here and there to spruce up the place. Your small addition can be a corner shelf to a new television that will make your space more updated.

Make your space more relaxed and cozier this summer by adding one or two things that will break up the space. A bean bag chair here or a foot rest there can break up the pattern of your living room nicely without having to do much.


Improving your walls may not have anything do with drywall or adding insulation. A wall hanging, no matter the type, is a great way to improve the look of your home. Whether you get a reproduction of a Renoir or the deer you bagged last November, just about anything will do as long as it fits your tastes.

If you want to do something slightly more drastic you can add a new light switch or electrical outlet to make your room do a bit more than it used to. The outlet can be used to plug in that new lamp you’ve always wanted.