Turbo Jam Vs. Taebo

Turbo Jam has often been compared to Taebo by many of customers who bought both of these videos. Comparing Taebo to Turbo Jam is a pretty easy conclusion because the very nature of these two popular weight loss exercise videos follow similar plans, routines, and music.

Here is a look at Turbo Jam versus Taebo from the perspective of someone trying to loose 20 pounds.


Cost is always a deciding factor with me, so I usually will start here when comparing two products. Basically, there is a clear winner here and that is Taebo.

You can buy Taebo DVDs and videos for less than $20 a pop to get you started. If you want to do Turbo Jam to loose weight, then you are looking at a minimum investment of about $50 to get started.

You will really need to spend about $80 with Turbo Jam if you want to get weights and the videos. This is a package though, which is why it costs more. The weights are huge part of this workout program though.

Taebo is the winner because you can also find them easily at your local super center, which is probably why they cost so much less. Turbo Jam is only available online or over the phone.


So, the routines are sort of similar, which is what led to the comparison of these two work out videos in the first place. You are standing, punching, and moving about on the floor. Ok, that is a little generalized.

Basically, Taebo makes me feel like I am doing a lot of standing, squeezing, and punching in controlled movements. I do feel like I get more of a touch of aerobics with the Turbo Jam.

Neither work out video requires a step stool to get started, like traditional aerobics, so they have less impact on the old knees.

You can choose timed routines with both systems. Beginners usually begin at intervals of less than 30 minutes and work their way up, adding more with and time as they progress.

I honestly have to say it is something of a tie here. The routines really are similar!


Both use music to get you going, get your energized, and keep you motivated. The music is similar on some level. Lots of beat, few words, and tons of techno sounds. Personally, I don’t love the music in either Turbo Jam or Taebo, but I do find the music less annoying from Taebo.

Neither type of music is something I would listen to at nay other point in the day, unless maybe I was a teenager going to a Rave….


You really can get results with both of the work out systems. This is why they are so popular. I recommend renting a Taebo DVD from Netflix or buying one used on the web. Try is out. If you like it stick with it. If you are not motivated enough, then try this same idea with Turbo Jam.

You can find either one for sale for less on Ebay, and you will loose weight if you follow their routines.