Twitter Marketing Vs Facebook Marketing

Twitter marketing is gaining ground, whilst digital marketing professionals across the globe may be leaning towards a whole ensemble of social media platforms, when it comes to achieving the sheer numbers and achieving them with sound consistency, Twitter comes out as the heady choice.

Now, it goes without saying that social media has added multiple dimensions to the way we market our products over the Internet and attempt to gain more and more traffic for our websites and blogs. Having said that, the most popular platforms out there are starting to lose their sheen. Now, this lack of effectiveness can be down to either social media fatigue among the audience or the ever-changing algorithms of these platforms that dictate the use of ads for the brands that aim to expand their reach.

Why Over-Reliance on Facebook May Not be Met with Expected Results

Granted, Facebook has been the sole reason for several small and large businesses racing their way to brand empowerment by enabling them to reach new customers in the quickest time frame. Having a Facebook page for your brand, and making use of the numerous Facebook groups has helped companies drive a lot of targeted traffic to their web pages. However, as mentioned earlier, the Facebook algorithms have changed. Now when you publish a post on your Facebook page with 10,000 followers, no more than 50 followers will view it on their Newsfeed.

Facebook has sent a clear message that if you aren’t shelling out some cash from your pocket, your Facebook marketing strategy isn’t gonna deliver. Make no mistake, Facebook ads work wonderfully for your marketing prospects. They really help you reach your target audience in a manner that’s accurate and from thereon, you can build your followers to let your website spread its wings which you can further boost as you buy old Facebook accounts for even promotions on this social media platform. But, all of this is relevant when you don’t have the budget. And let’s be honest, why would we be so keen to loosen our purse strings if we can get equally effective (and at times, better) results without spending a dime?

Many such approaches are there on Facebook in the content marketing gambit that that will help you enhance your reach and keep your site expanding at a consistent rate, however slowly. And this is where Twitter proves to be a credible alternative.

How is Twitter Marketing Different

Well, to begin with, Twitter marketing also faces similar sorts of challenges. When one of your followers is following 500 odd people, your tweet may scramble to find its place under the sun and may instead find itself lost in the deluge. However, what you can count on is that that it will indeed be visible to every single one of those followers. Twitter has no such algorithms in place which dictate that there is a selective audience among your followers that can see the tweet. But that in its singularity may not hold a great value for your content marketing endeavor.

If you haven’t had your eyes and ears to the ground, you must have realized by now the value hashtags can bring to your Twitter marketing account of any brand. The most wonderful thing about these hashtags is that they don’t force you to be restrained to your followers and you can instead pitch your posts to the audience that hasn’t really been introduced to your brand so far. A tweet on the best WordPress themes of 2014 can be appended with hashtags like #wordpress, #wordpressthemes, #webdevelopment, #cms, etc. this way, anyone who is keeping a tab on these hashtags, irrespective of whether or not they are your followers, can see this tweet.

Keep Your Followers in the Loop

The underlying reason behind the success of social media as a marketing platform is the fact that it facilitates two-way communication between the brand and its consumers. So, as you gain more and more followers with Twitter marketing, it is imperative that you interact with them on a regular basis so as to make them feel you are listening.

Do not Ignore the Feedback

Feedback is priceless. Be it in any form – positive or negative – any sort of feedback has to be greeted warmly and appreciated duly. While the positive feedback can signal you to continue the good work in your respective area, it is the negative feedback that will help you cover the grey area in your strategic landscape. The prime example is the case can be given of Maker’s Mark, a liquor brand that had just recently announced that they would be diluting the amount of alcohol in their whiskey so as to catch up with the growing demand. The announcement triggered discussions over Twitter which clearly suggested that their customer base was hugely unhappy with the decision. The marketing managers of Maker’s Mark were clever enough to keep a tab on these discussions and thus they absorbed all the feedback that came their way and reversed their decision.

They later announced that no such dilution will take place and made it evidently clear that they indeed listened to their valuable customers that prompted the change of heart.

Twitter continues to be a dominating platform in the realm of digital marketing, and with the influx of consistent self-reinventions, the trend is most likely going to stay around longer.