Upper Back Pain Relief – What to know?

Upper back pain can occur for many different reasons, therefore it is not surprising that people would seek upper back pain relief as soon as possible. Although it doesn’t occur as frequently as lower back pain, it can be just as excruciating and at times, even worse.

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Before starting on any upper back pain treatment, you should first try to pinpoint why you are feeling discomfort in the first place. Some of the possible causes of upper back pain are overstressed muscles, degenerative joints or a herniated disc. It can also be the result of either a joint dysfunction or a muscular irritation. The ribs of the human body are connected to the spine by means of two joints. Any slight dysfunction in these joints can cause extreme pain in the upper body area.

Upper Back Pain Exercises

With these causes, it can undoubtedly become unbearable but you have the choice of many natural remedies to treat these types of upper back pain. One of the most recommended forms of treatment is to undergo simple back pain exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulders and the spine.

Stretches are especially helpful for relieving back pain, both in the upper and lower area. The thoracic stretch is a good way of alleviating aches and relaxing the tendons. In this exercise, you will have to sit on the floor while extending your legs outwards. Rest your hands on your legs and slowly bend your upper body forward. Stay in this position for up to 20 seconds, then gradually raise your body back to the original sitting position. Repeat this simple stretching exercise five times.

Another great exercise for getting upper back pain relief is the arm slides routine. Start by standing flat against a wall, with your arms stretched sidewards and your palms facing up. Lift your arms slowly and raise them over your head. You should begin to feel some tension in your upper back muscles as they get stretched. Continue with this exercise for about 30 seconds or until your arms start to get tired.

Although upper back pain exercises do work very well for most people, it is not always recommended in cases where physical injury or an underlying medical condition is the cause. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your physician before engaging in any of these upper back pain relief exercises.