Weight Loss Tips Beware Of The All Or Nothing Mindset

Successful weight loss is not all about what you eat. Your mind set and how you mentally approach dieting is crucial to your success.

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Some people in life are perfectionists who deploy all or nothing thinking. When they approach a new task or goal, they either want to do it perfectly or not at all. There are times when this type of thinking will produce outstanding results as perfectionists tend to give it everything that they have got. The downside of all or nothing thinking is that the majority of tasks are seen as black or white and perfectionists are rarely happy with their efforts.

All or nothing thinking can be very damaging when it comes to trying to lose weight. Losing weight should not be seen and approached as a single task that can be completed and then put to bed. There is no perfect result or ending when it comes to weight control. Even when you reach your ideal weight, it has to be maintained with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle choices.

The way you react to failure is crucial to your overall success, when it comes to losing weight. Controlling your weight and improving your overall health is a long term project, and there will be times when you fail. people with an all or nothing attitude do not handle failure (or rather temporary setbacks) well. The only way to truly fail is if you give up all together. You are human and it is alright to fail so cut yourself some slack, but you must try to learn from it. It is fine to have the odd lapse or a treat now and then as long as you have implemented sound permanent changes to your eating habits and lifestyle.

Your diet should not feel like a prison sentence, you do not have to stop eating all of your favourite foods for the rest of your life. I for one love pizza and cheese burgers and have no plans to give them up all together, although don’t eat them all the time either. You can still enjoy some of your favourite foods, but eat in moderation and don’t feel bad about eating them. The amount of food you eat is also very important so exercise portion control and don’t eat too quickly. Wait for half an hour following a meal to allow that full feeling to register before eating more. You must also incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, then commit yourself to be in it for the long haul. View your diet and your improving healthy lifestyle as a work in progress. Don’t seek perfection or adopt an all or nothing approach to weight loss. There is no quick fix or temporary solution to a healthy lifestyle, so stop looking and focus on your long term weight loss goals.