What Are The Different Things That Tej Kohli Foundation Works For?

Among many other NPOs in the country, Tej Kohli Foundation is well known, and it is the one that can give the type of help the person or the poor people need. These organizations are present in a large number, and they are here purely to help out the people who are deprived of the things they need. With the help of the people like Philanthropist Tej Kohli, there can be a better place, and everyone gets the hope that someone somewhere will surely help them out of the goodness in their heart.

What are the different sectors of this foundation?

As we all know, not everyone works for the same thing as they care about different things, and such organizations emphasize the issues they see are significant. With the help of such people, there are more organizations, and this specific one works for a lot of things, and with that, they are giving a new life to those who have been deprived of it.

Here are the various things that this foundation is connected with,

Development of COVID-19 vaccine

Since the pandemic hit the world, everything stopped for a while, and it took a lot of time for humankind to start their daily shenanigans. It was all because the coronavirus that hit in the year 2019, 2020, was all about quarantine and staying safe at own places. To get on and up again in the world, it was important to get the vaccine out as soon as possible.

Tej Kohli and his foundation gave all their interest in it, and they surely funded a great amount in the development of the vaccine. This specific person is interested in making the world a better place, and he wants to give all the help he can to the needy and the world as much as he can. They provided the funding to the project that the Harvard Medical School led. They funded, and Tej Kohli even personally written a blog about the vaccine and its development and to tell what he thinks about it.

Holiday hunger in the UK

When people were stuck in their homes, and they had nowhere to go and earn money for their daily hunger. It was Tej Kohli Foundation that came forward to help them with that. The people couldn’t get to extinguish their hunger, and it was all because they didn’t have the money. It is not just about the lockdown and the pandemic, many people cannot get food daily, and it is because of unemployment.

At this time of crisis, this foundation came forward and joined hands with the Salvation Army and the Southall Community Alliance. They got up and got the funding they needed to provide the help to all those looking for it. The crisis can emerge at any time, and we all know this because we are still fighting with novel coronavirus, and it is nowhere to go to extinction.

Boost in science in the UK

The Philanthropist Tej Kohli’s first-ever donation was when he donated money for a person who was suffering from corneal blindness. He was a 50-year-old man, and when the treatment took place, he was present there to see his progress. He saw the happiness on his face when that man met his wife and grown-up children after a long time. That was the time when he decided that he wanted to take on this work and help those who are suffering from the issue to the date.

That is when we launched an institute in the UK so that they will be able to use the technology. They will give aid in alleviating the disease of corneal blindness in the poor and give them the light of life that they have been looking for. It is the best thing that one can do for those who are not able to see, and they lost their gift of being able to see what was in front of them. He is doing the most he can and is investing in the technology of developing better methods and medication for the disease.


Blindness is not the only disease he is set on treating. He is even using technology and providing help to youngsters who are disabled. With the help of bionics, he is able to provide a new and working arm to those who have not been able to get their own arm to work. This way, they don’t have to be disabled or deprived of working on the thing they want to.

Many people even call it hero’s arm, and with the help of such technology, those who have been looking for a better way of living can get it, and it is all with the help of the Tej Kohli Foundation.