What Are The Popular FAB CBD Products And How Are They Helpful?

FAB CBD products have been in the market since 2017. But even if it is quite a new brand line, the company has 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. They are a trustworthy brand as they are transparent about the composition of their product. Along with this, the products are reasonably priced.

Types of FAB CBD products

  • Topical cream

The FAB CBD topical cream is a very good cream that can help with relieving pain. It is highly absorbing, thus, advised to use only in areas that require relieving. The Cannabidiol level in a single product is 600mg.

There are also other ingredients present in the topical cream that is good for the skin. Aloe Vera and coconut oil are good for moisturizing the skin, and vitamin E act as a good nourishment provider and an antioxidant to the skin.

  • Chews

The best CBD product for easy consumption is CBD chews. It is easy to carry, and one can take it whenever they want and are also very tasty. It is very effective in relieving pain that one may experience during work or after a workout session.

Each bottle has 30 chews with a strength of 25mg in each serving. The whole bottle in total has 750mg of total potency. The product is vegan and has natural flavors. FAB CBD chews are also claimed to be THC-free.

  • CBD oil

In the whole line of CBD products under FAB CBD, this product is one of the most popular ones. One gets three flavor options, mint, natural and citrus flavor. Choose the flavor that suits the preferences. The oil bottles are only 30ml with different strength levels. There are four options in the strengths, 1200mg, 600mg, 300mg, and 150mg.

The carrier oil used is MCT oil, which is a very good carrier for CBD oils.

  • Vape pen

Among all the CBD products, the vape pen is the most efficient way of taking CBD. The FAB CBD Vape pen goes by the name “Calm,” which the users experience after using the vape pen. The vape juice contains selected hemp extracts that all give a calming effect.

The product does not have any added flavor or artificial additives.

  • Dog treats

FAB also takes care of the man’s best friend, dogs, by having a separate product for them. The FAB’s CBD dog treats are considered the best CBD product for dogs. All the natural ingredients mixed with the CBD helps in improving the health of the dogs.

The product comes in three different varieties, and every single treat contains 3mg of CBD in it. There are also many flavors available, so buy the one that suits the dog’s preferences.

How to choose FAB CBD products?

  • Based on the issue:

if one needs CBD for inflammation or pain relief, go for a topical cream. For sleep or anxiety problem or any other whole body-related issue, CBD gummy and oil is the best.

  • Ways of consumption:

for versatile consumption, oil is best. It can be added to food or drinks or taken sublingually. For convenient consumption, gummy or chews are the best.

  • Flavor preference:

one can go for products that have natural flavor. And if they are bothered by the hemp taste then, there are also flavored CBD products.

With so many options available with FAB CBD products at https://greenthevoteok.com/cbd-oil/brand-review/fab-cbd/, the consumers have a large variety choose from based on their preferences and needs. But always consult a doctor before increasing any CBD dosage.