What is a Social Purchase? – Understand the concept and get the benefits!!

This is a unique yet powerful concept to explode your customer list with hungry buyers.

How does it work?

The principle behind this is to give your customers a choice, either buy your product or get it for free or at a discount by contacting their friends in their email account and facebook page and getting a set number of “Likes” to your Fanpage.

Right now, Social Networking/Marketing and especially Facebook is VERY popular and local businesses are aware of this. Only thing is, they have a hard time getting people to share their offers on Facebook and other social networks such as Twitter so that they can convert their followers into clients/customers.

The “Social Purchase” script will solve that problem.

A Social Purchase is when you give a visitor an incentive or coupon/deal after you have them send a link that is unique to them and that automatically goes to all of their email contacts inside Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other email providers with a default message.

The “incentive” will be sent to the visitors email address when he or she has referred a minimum of LIKES that you can set up in the back-end of the script. Instead of spending huge amount, people can buy tiktok followers cheap with no reduction in the quality. A script can be prepared for the posting of the video content at the platform. The information contained in the form requires to be real and correct so that the sale of the brand. 

This means that if you want a visitor to generate 10 likes for your site, you will automatically send them an email with a link to download the incentive when they successfully generated the LIKES for you!

If you’re selling something, you can still offer a Buy Now button but if people don’t want to spend money on it then all they have to do is follow 2 easy steps (takes a minute) that will enable them to get it for free!

It’s a win-win situation because your visitors will get it for free and this is what you will gain from it:

On average one person has 200+ email contacts. Imagine ONLY 30 people sending the message (with the link to your site) to all of their 200+ email contacts. With only 30 people who want to Social Purchase your offer, you will reach an audience of 6,000 people.

The people who see your offer, are people who have been recommended to see it by their friends. By that you instantly create trust!

A lot of newlly referred visitors will “Social Purchase” as well which will cause an EXTREME amount of Traffic and LIKE

Because you still offer a BUY NOW button on the page where you receive all the traffic, a LOT of people will buy your product right there on the spot

Your page will go VIRAL receiving thousands of visitors every day and will make you money on autopilot

Love the idea? What next?

We need to set up a new website to host the special script and promote your offer. You can update the offer as often as you like. Make sure your offer is attractive and something people want, this could be anything from a free facial, 50% discount, an informational product that solves a problem, the list is endless.