What Just Happened Tarot Spread

How often do you get caught up in an issue at work or home and you are left feeling ‘what the hell just happened? You’ve just walked in the door at work and your co-worker has just let you have it about a job you are working on together or you have walked in the door at home and your partner or child has started in on you about how you are never there for them without even a hello, did you have a good day conversation.

A recent report from theislandnow indicates that everyone that is into tarot at some stage or other turns a card or two or more for themselves. Maybe they are seeking answers to a big major event in their lives or just want to know what’s in store for today. Reading for yourself can be a stepping stone to reading for others and eventually reading professionally.

How often are we left with our mouth open wonder what started that off and you just don’t have a clue in the world? Worst still is when you are left speechless at the time and you are still not sure what happened.

This is the Tarot spread to use when you need some clarity and perspective about an issue that you are not sure what’s going on.

I was reading an article the other day that had a reference to Marshall Rosenberg’s book on Non Violent communication and thought it would make a very useful spread. In fact, I have already used it a couple of times for clients and it has given them some insights and constructive guidance.

“What just happened’ Tarot spread

Whenever you are in a situation where you are not sure about what is going on and it’s around a specific event or issues this Tarot spread can give you the breakthrough you are looking for.

Card 1: What just happened?

You might be in a meeting or a group and all of a sudden someone just loses it at you for no apparent reason. An alternative might be nothing is happening and you want to know why. What is it you are not seeing or understanding in this situation or issue?

Card 2: What feelings welled up when it happened?

It’s important to take responsibility for your emotions and beliefs. Too often it is tempting to lash out and blame or just plain get angry. Acting with integrity and respect for all involved takes courage, maturity, and thought. It is always worthwhile to take the time out to manage your feelings and then act. Feelings should always be acknowledged never ignored. Working with your feelings can be one of the most challenging areas having said that the rewards can be enormous.

Card 3: What do I need that I’m not receiving?

Recognizing your own needs and how you go about getting them fulfilled is another area that requires time and effort. Don’t assume that everyone automatically knows what you want. Many couples I’ve spoken with believing that the other person should automatically know what their needs are and respond in the way they want.

My response is always ‘That would take a crystal ball does he or she have one?’ ‘They should just know’ is often the repeated response. Why should your partner, co-worker know about your needs and how you want them fulfilled? They don’t know what is going on inside your head and they are probably only going to offer what it is they think they might want in the circumstances and that could be something totally different from what you need.

So being clear about your expectations is critical to getting your needs meet. If I am feeling unlovable for some reason or maybe it’s just a low emotional day and I need to feel loveable I reach out to my partner and ask for a hug as I’m feeling low. I feel better for the hug and he feels good because he loves to see me happy. Win-Win all around.

Card 4: What am I asking for?

This is about requesting a specific action to work with the event or issue at hand.

What do I do next question? How can I work with this situation so both parties come away perhaps not always agreeing but a solution that works for both parties?

The first and last cards are about what is happening in your external world. The second and third cards are about what is going on in your internal world around this event.

How this spread works

So you can see how I work with this spread I thought I would share with you a situation I personally am going through at the moment and hopefully move forward and get a rebuilding of this very special relationship.

My daughter and I rarely see each other even though we don’t live very far away. I ring her from time to time, suggest we catch up for coffee and I don’t seem to get much of a response. Just because it is called “What just happened’ spread doesn’t mean you can’t use it for when nothing is happening and you want to make it happen.

The questions needing answer as I see it are:

  • Card 1

What’s going on or happening?

  • Card 2

What’re my feelings about the lack of contact?

  • Card 3

What are my needs in this relationship?

  • Card 4

What do I need to do to see changes in our relationship

Card 1

What happened or in my case not happening – Strength it’s an internal struggle between being loving and caring to tame an inner rage and we are both dealing with this in the same way. Taking a back seat and expecting the other person to step forward when you should just step forward regardless of the other person. Not wait for something to happen, create the change you want to see.

Card 2

Feelings come in a rush in fact too much of a hurry need to slow them down and deal with them one at a time to make sense of them. Cards 1 and 2 are both Eight cards that represent movement, action, and change, very positive for this reading.

Card 3

This is a message to me. I am in MBTI language an INFP and this card represents that personality type. Perhaps I need to explore this internal aspect of myself and make a shift in how I manage this relationship

Card 4

I need to stop looking at what we’ve lost and the time we have wasted and feeling rejected and turn around and see those two beautiful remaining cups that are just waiting to help rebuild this relationship. The figure in this card always makes me take a deep breath before I deal with him. This card I feel is a very dark and deep card to deal with.

If you have any questions or queries about this Tarot spread or would like some help working with it, you are more than welcome to contact me.