Why Didnt I Invest In Mazacoin Or Auroracoin

I woke up happy, did a few exercises and checked Coinmarketcap like I do everyday. Since I had purchased 8 million microCoin (MRC) yesterday, I was hoping to see it increase 100% or so. Much to my surprise, MRC was down 4%, one of the only coins to register a loss in the last 24 hours. I could feel my breathing pace accelerate and I began to question my day trading judgement. Why didn’t I invest in MazaCoin or Auroacoin?

Even if I would have just held onto Bitcoin yesterday or traded it for Ripple (XRP), I would have gained 14% on my money. I went into self-introspection mode as I always do and I began to analyze the errors of my judgement. My first intuition was to purchase Auroracoin two days ago when it was $15 and yesterday when it was around $23, an investment that would have netted me 378% today.

I love the concept of Auroracoin, but the biggest reason I didn’t invest in it is because I am not from Iceland. I also believe it is destined to crash at some point in the future, likely after it is air dropped onto the citizens of Iceland on March 25. Either way, I missed the boat.

While almost all cryptocurrencies were winners in the last 24 hours, MazaCoin took the prize. Those who made the decision to invest in MazaCoin are likely jumping up and down right now, as it is up 862% in the last 24 hours. I personally haven’t given MazaCoin much thought up until now. Will it continue to go up or is it just another pump and dump scenario? Since it has accelerated so rapidly it is likely drop back down in the near future. For this reason, I have no desire to invest in MazaCoin at this point. Again, if it is like Auroracoin and keeps shooting up to the stars, I will be kicking myself in the future.

It is good to see the cryptocurrency market gaining value as a whole, but the reasons for these increases are based on tragedy, as it stems largely from the crisis in Ukraine. This conflict is wreaking havoc on the stock market and economic ties around the world are on shaky ground. Although many cryptocurrency experts don’t agree, the inverse relationship between the performance of the stock market and the value of cryptocurrency is to obvious to ignore. You can also use Crypto Signals Group in your cryptocurrency journey.

People are moving their fiat into the apparent safety of cryptocurrency and we are likely to see even greater increases in value over the next couple of weeks, if the conflict in Ukraine escalates even further. Those who decide to invest in MazaCoin or Auroracoin might end up capitalizing, but holding Bitcoin or Ripple is probably the safest play at this point in time.

While I am disappointed that I didn’t invest in MazaCoin or Auroracoin, I have decided to hold onto my microCoin to the bitter end. MicroCoin is still new and has the potential to substantially increase in value over the next couple of months. I am sticking to my laurels, hoping that this investment will pay off in a year from now.