Why Some Kids Lie a Lot

Everyone lies at one time or another, even adults. After all, no one is perfect, but in some cases it goes beyond the norm. The problem sometimes begins in childhood, and it becomes a part of everyday life. Those that are unable to tell the truth lie about insignificant matters such as what they had for lunch or where they went shopping in addition to more important issues that will get them into trouble. Some kids lie a lot, and this interferes with school, friendships and more. Read on to find out why some kids lie a lot more than others, and get to the heart of the matter before it causes irreparable damage.

It Can Be Learned Behavior

Children learn a lot from their parents, siblings and others they interact with on a regular basis. Before the age of eight, much of what kids learn comes directly from parents. Adults in control are emulated, and if a parent lies in front of the kids on a regular basis, the kids take mental notes, especially if they get away with it. The kids are watching and listening, even when parents are unaware.

For example, if a parent lies about the price of something in front of the children and is able to obtain something for less, the kids view lying as positive. However, not all kids that lie a lot have one or more parents that make a habit of also lying. Something else could be the root cause of this disturbing problem.

Some Kids Lie a Lot Because of Behavioral Problems

Children with anger issues and behavioral problems tell a lot of lies. This is usually a part of the issue. They habitually get into trouble and feel that they have to lie to solve the problems they caused. They refuse to accept blame – even if they are caught lying to a teacher, a parent or someone else in authority. They might be heard calling another child a name, or they might be caught damaging the property of others, but they will never admit it. They will argue and become increasingly agitated, and not because they were caught lying, but because they were not believed. As a parent, all you have to do is to teach them a lesson. You have to impart to them that it is not right to lie. According to [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]liedetectortest.uk, children lie because they actually don’t know that it is a bad thing.

Some Kids Lie a Lot Because it Worked Before

Other kids lie a lot because it worked in the past. They might have lied about spilling or breaking something in the home, and a parent turned their head and ignored the situation. They assume that kids will be kids. When these so-called ordinary kids become older, their little fibs turn into more serious misgivings. At long last the parents realize that they have a major problem on their hands, but when they finally try to do something about it, they discover a very serious issue that is no longer easy to correct. The school starts calling, friends are no longer allowed to play, and so on.

Children that lie a lot turn into adults that lie even more, and no one trusts a word they say. Even worse, these kids never trust anyone else. They assume that others are lying too, and they have a very difficult life that is riddled with failed relationships, lost jobs and a lot of chaos. It is easy to turn the other way, but it is crucial to do something about the problem before it is too late. Continual lying is not normal, and it should be addressed by both parents and everyone in authority in the lives of these very troubled children.