Why to go through spinal surgery

Back pain is a serious issue, however there are some people who consider it in a very enlighten way. Treating back pain with other economical and physical options is not a bad idea. Moreover these aspects are very effective if you need to cure your back pain. But still if one is not able to get rid of spine pain they might need a surgery. the word surgery may sound horrible to you, but trust me it is worth it. 

If you are able to fix your problems of back pain with help of physician and some sort of exercise there is nothing beating that. In severe conditions surgery is necessary however it will cost you some bucks but somehow you will get relief from your back the whole life time. Spinal injections can help a lot in reducing your back pain as this is one of the most effective ways present. However there are still basic reasons that why one needs a spinal surgery.

To widen the spine canal

When your spine canal is narrower as compared to the normal spines, you might need a surgery. the surgery in order to perform widen the canal of spine and is also known as spinal stenosis. The lamina is the chief reason for pain. To widen the canal the surgeon need to apply some pressure on the spinal chord.

The compression in the spinal chord can lead to some severe symptoms of back pain that you need a surgery like tingling and numbness, soreness in muscle however you can not treat these with back injections and physiotherapy one must go and get therapy if feeling these problems.

To straighten an unstable spine

The primary feature of human’s spine is that it offers you flexibility, increases your core strength and ability to bend. However if on feels that he is having an unstable spine he must consult a good doctor, Unstable spine can not provide the strength human’s body and is the inability to bend, however in the most of the unstable spine cases surgery is mandatory.

There are many symptoms associated with unstable spine like foot pain, severe pain the lower back, unstable spine can never help in your daily life activities and will not be able to perform mandatory body activities. If you are suffering from this disease you can consult a good renowned orthopedist best back doctor in texas because any sort of happening and you will loose your life.

To realign the natural curvature of your spine 

There are some major disease like flat-back syndrome and kyphosis which affects the normal curvature of your spine and sometimes may lead to various impairments. Flat back syndrome can be treated with normal back injections and physiotherapy, however in some cases it the degress of curvature exceeds to a certain limit which can lead to the urgent need of surgery.

To heal damaged discs

There are two types of damaged discs surgery one is herniated disc surgery and other is lumbar discectomy. The other lumbar one has further two types and the procedure is generally called discectomy. The hardness of spine which may lead to breakness of the spin and can cause some sever impacts on your whole backbone. The repairing is not the solution in case of damaged disc. 

Therapy effective other than surgery

If you are consulting a proper physician you might not need to get a surgery as these are conservative methods and are less economical.

Apply hot bags- there is a misconception around people who are suffering from back pain is that hot bags only offers instant relief but in general they are also effective of the long time run. You have to be regular in order to get rid of back pain from just hot bags. As the heat boost the blood flow in your body and heals the injured part of your spine.

do exercise –

Excercises are really crucial when you need to get rid of back pain in a very short span of time ,

  • Don’ts that you need to consider
  • Don’t take long term take rests
  • Don’t sit in a specific position for a long time 
  • Don’t eat too much food and sit in a specific manner 
  • You can do several types of exercise like yoga, stretching, work out which will strengthen your body.
  • Have a certain amount of pain killers
  • Pain killers are essential if you want to avoid back pain injections, and surgery, pain killers boost the ease of daily life activities. Some painkillers might reduce the inflammation and some of them might not.
  • Have patience- you might have heard that patience is the key in order to receive fruitful outcomes. in back pain patience also comes in play when you have it. In some cases back pain will diminish with time as you don’t have worry about it. But best back doctor in texas if you feel some severe symptoms like immense pain in the lower back, blood in stool and bladder control you need to consult a doctor.


Back pain can be really irritating when the extent is immense, you are not able to daily life activities with the same energy. The above mentioned are some reasons that why you need to get a spine surgery, however there are some conservative methods that you can try before getting a surgery done. If you are suffering critical back pain you need to avoid packed food and need to eat some healthy protein rich diet which include green veggies , chicken and soya chunks. So keep moving and live healthy prosperous life.