Workout Routines To Build A Bigger Chest Muscles Fast

If you’re struggling to build bigger chest muscles faster than ever, don’t get worried! I have tested many chest training routines. Here are my two NO-BULL killer workout routines for a chest that has helped many peoples who have a weak chest to improve their chest muscle dramatically!

Many people are curious about my huge chest muscles and they asked me for advice, how they can build bigger chest muscles. So here’s my quick solution for you who wants to build a huge chest muscle!

The Important Role Of Nutrition!

It’s pretty hard to imagine, that almost every chest workout program that I have found, has very little information about nutrition! They emphasize the fact, how to build huge chest muscles in the gym, but they don’t cover the fact that you are feeding your chest muscles, as well as every active muscle tissue in your human body with a quality amount of protein and carbohydrates, and fats! The role of these three nutrients is essential if you want to build a bigger chest muscle!

In addition to recovery drinks, you may need to take creatine and glutamine to get a greater effect from these chest workout routines. It’s not a must, but I recommend taking both supplements that you can buy from before and after the workout because they are so demanding and shocking to your muscles, and of course on the presumption that you are in a positive calorie balance and eat plenty of protein!

WORKOUT 1. Killer Chest Workout!

This workout is my favorite when I want to build size to my chest. I use fewer reps and sets, focusing on heavy-duty. My chest exercises consist of basic movements bench press, incline bench press, and decline press with both, barbell and dumbbells. At the end of my workout, I perform incline dumbbell flys.

Preparing for a killer chest workout

I start my workouts with light pressing movements from different angles and rotator cuff exercises with a high pulley cable. My chest workouts usually begin with a barbell, as my other mass building workouts do as well.

Exercise #1

I begin this chest workout with the heavy barbell bench press. I use a slightly wider grip than my shoulder width. I’ll try to put a maximum stress to my entire chest and fatigue all of its muscle fibers in a compound manner. This will happen by lowering the bar smoothly and controlled towards my chest until the bar is a few inches off from my chest. At the bottom, I squeeze my entire upper body by closing my lats together and push the bar straight up explosively by activating every muscle fiber in my chest.

I hit every set to its failure until I get 4 reps in my last bench press set. This exercise is a measure of upper body strength. If you have weak back muscles, your bench press will be not as effective! This is the best chest exercise to build chest muscle fast.

Exercise #2

After resting for about 5 minutes, my next exercise will be an incline bench press with a barbell. This exercise will develop the upper chest and this will bring the impression to the upper body. I was able to hold up an empty jar on my upper chest because of the power of this movement.

This will tell you that my upper chest isn’t that weak. And here’s come the reason. I use a very controlled and full power manner in this movement. I adjust the backrest at approximately 30 degrees to the ground. A higher position will put more stress on your shoulders and you’re about to lose the benefit of this exercise. This follows the same technique as a flat bench press, instead you lower the bar towards your upper chest. Try to focus on lifting only with your upper chest. In the last set, I do either drop set or rest and pause.

Exercise #3

My third and last heavy exercise will be to decline the bench press with a barbell. This will develop the middle and lower pectoral muscles. Alternative exercises to decline bench press are wide grip dips and decline machine press. I perform only two sets of decline press. This is a great exercise for the lower chest and I perform this usually at the end of my heavy exercises because this exercise doesn’t need as much effort as an incline or flat bench press. I make eight reps each with forced reps at the end.

Exercise #4

My last exercise will be dumbell flys. I perform this either on an incline bench or a flat bench. I’m doing this last exercise to finalize the chest workout. I begin this exercise by lying on a bench with two dumbbells, palms facing each other. I lower the weights out and down to either side in a wide arc as far as I can, feeling the pectoralis muscles stretch to their maximum.

Keep your palms facing each other throughout the movement. At the bottom, feel your pecs stretched as much as possible. Bring the weights back up along the same wide arc. In the end, contract your pecs. Sometimes, I twist my wrist inwards to add extra supination. In this exercise, I use light weights and perform this movement in a controlled fashion, feeling a full stretch and pump. An alternative to this exercise is machine flys and cable crossovers.

Final Results:

Now, my pecs are totally fatigued. After this workout, You could barely look clearly. As you can see, I use fairly different techniques for each exercise. My reps are from 4 – 10. I use various special techniques.

I train my chest from every angle and therefore hit every part of my chest muscle. This is just an example of my workout that works. I use this workout for chest 1 – 2 a month

Workout tips

Always have a spotter when you are performing heavy movements like the bench press. Workout equipment, like belt and wrist straps, is necessary. Rest between sets as much as necessary, until you are ready to give a 100% in every exercise.

Do not follow this chest routine more than once a week and no more than three weeks in a row. You may want to avoid your muscles to adapt to a certain workout. Within these three weeks, alternate the movements, for example instead of using barbells, train with dumbbells and use machines or smith. But remember, that huge chest muscles are made of compound exercises with free weights.

By following the fewer reps and set and at the same time weights that you are handling are as heavy as possible. Because of the lower volume of work, your will need fewer carbs, but instead, you will require more protein to mend tissue damage that accompanies training with heavier weights.

WORKOUT 2. Superset workout to blow your chest muscles to grow!

This chest workout is a little different than you may have seen before and it follows the straight-set technique using the supersets that allows you to keep little or no rest between sets. The main purpose of this workout is that you will get your chest totally fatigued within 30 minutes!

You will follow the maximum pump and intensity in every set and you will let recuperate only a part of your muscle fibers and then hit them once again. The idea is to follow this routine twice a week, if you are a newbie, you can do this once a week and later move on to the advanced level, taking into consideration, that routines are for naturals.

You can perform this technique to the same muscle or for an opposite muscle, thus you will let your trained muscle rest while hitting the opposite muscle, in this case, the upper back. I’ll show you the workout routine for the upper body,

On this occasion, I’m training chest super setting with back.

So I’m not only developing my entire chest area, I’ll hit my upper back muscles too. Actually, this is a legendary program, that I found in the magazine a few years ago. This method works perfectly for the upper body, such as the chest and upper back. I had great success in utilizing this method for arms too.

I will use high repetitions and trying to keep resting periods as minimal as possible! I won’t be able to use heavyweights in this routine, but I try to keep as heavy as I could reach 12-15 reps in each set. I don’t care what other say about building muscle mass, but this workout routine really works in a part with heavy-duty program. My goal is to tire out my upper body by doing the higher reps with handling moderate weights. I start feeling a lactic acid in my muscles and that my muscles will explode.

Warming Up

I begin this workout by warming up my entire upper body and doing some light exercises and stretch my working muscles properly. This is important when doing supersets because your muscle is getting maximum pumped!

Superset #1

My first two exercises will be incline bench press with a barbell and bent over barbell rows. In the first set, after doing incline press, I jump right into barbell press without resting between sets. In the next set, I increase the weight and do the same with a total of three sets of incline press and barbell rows.

Superset #2

The next two exercises will be similar to the previous. The next movements are a flat bench press with a barbell and cable crossovers. This is an exceptional superset where I hit the same muscle group in a row. I perform three sets of each exercise and resting only between each superset. During the rest, I will lightly stretch my target muscles and focusing on my next superset.

Superset #3

So far I have done six sets for the chest and for the upper back. Now I give myself a little, approximately 5 minutes, and preparing for the final exercises. This time, I’ve chosen pullovers with dumbbells and cable pulldowns. Pullovers are good exercises to develop the pectorals and expand the rib cage. This will work for the lats too and here’s the trick. I will be using this exercise as a stretching exercise for the chest and in addition, I will pre-exhaust my lats. After this, I’m doing some lat pulldowns.

Incline bench press – 3 x 12-15

superset with

Bent over barbell rows – 3 x 12-15

Barbell bench press – 3 x 12

superset with

Cable crossovers – 3 x 12

Dumbbell pullovers – 2 x 12

superset with

Lat pulldowns – 2 x 12

Workout tips

You can fail with this workout routine in two ways! By choosing too light weights that will hardly activate your muscle fibers in any way or an opposite, too much weight that will totally break the routine and more or less, your

will get injured at any moment. This is not an easy workout to accomplish. You should have a good basic condition. This routine will increase your vital capacity and rep duration.

Nutrition tips

Take creatine and glutamine before and after workouts if possible to ensure the maximal benefit of this program. Eat more calories than normal. You will need some extra carbs, as you’ll burn up a lot of fuel considering the volume and frequency of training. Have at least three days off, before you hit the same workout again. This routine works fine by implementing it once a month.